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Loved by “My Creatives’ …..#CmonnnnManggggg.


Season 3, Episode 51: What does 2021 want with DJ ETHER?

Summary We had a conversation with DJ ETHER; an internationally known DJ, as well as Media Personality. #MyCreatives we get to it, and went there in this EPISODE!!!! We Touched on: – How can the DJ’s Change the shift of momentum within the Hip Hop Culture? – How he feel about VINYL VS Serrato For…

Reem’o aka #TheRugerSprayyyyyer

Reem’o Meerak

15 Year Entertainment Vet of Acting, Media, A&R of a Music Label, Podcaster, and Media Producer takes his fanbase called; “My Creatives” on a journey with guests about their career, entrepreneur ventures, and their Top 3 Advice or Motivational Quotes to go by. Also, you hear great stories, and legendary moments!!!!!

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